Shower Repair, Morehead City, NC

We’ll send an experienced technician to your home to come up with a plan for shower repair.

Shower Repair in Morehead City, North CarolinaWhen you start your day, the morning routine probably includes a hot shower. For many, getting in the shower upon waking up helps them to get going and feel ready to take on the challenges of the day ahead. However, if you climb into the shower only to find cold water coming through the faucet, a leak from one of the taps, or no water at all, you may need shower repair. At Bruce Plumbing, we offer this service to those located throughout the Morehead City, North Carolina area. We’re a family-owned and operated plumbing company that can handle a number of plumbing needs.

Some of the most common problems that necessitate shower repair include clogged drains, changes in the water pressure, damaged faucets that leak water out the sides, and cold water coming through the faucet when the hot water tap is on. If you notice any of these issues or any other areas of concern when you’re taking a shower, be sure to contact us. We’ll send an experienced technician to your home to take a closer look and come up with a plan for efficient shower repair.

In addition to shower repair, we offer shower and bathtub replacement services. If you’re not happy with the look of your shower or tub, we can remove the existing unit and replace it with one that will provide more visual appeal and functionality. For all your shower and bath-related plumbing needs, trust our team of plumbing professionals. Contact us to request a quote or an appointment for service.

At Bruce Plumbing, we offer shower repair services in Morehead City, Emerald Isle, Newport, Cape Carteret, Indian Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, and Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, as well as Beaufort, South Carolina.